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If you want to learn how to bet on cycling successfully, it’s important to understand the different types of cycling events. The popularity of cycling has increased in India in recent years.

This popularity has also spread to the betting world. You can find cycling betting odds at a variety of Indian bookmakers sites.

There are many components in cycling. In turn, these provide plenty of betting options for fans of betting on the prestigious sport. For newcomers, though, the variety of markets can prove overwhelming.

Our guide aims to demonstrate how you can bet on cycling successfully. Let’s start by looking at how cycling betting odds work.

Cycling Betting Odds

As we’ve seen, there is a range of cycling odds and markets available with the majority of bookmakers. There are also different ways of betting: using fixed odds or taking advantage of betting exchanges. We’ll take a look at fixed odds first.

Betting With Fixed Odds

The traditional way of betting on cycling is betting on fixed odds. That is, betting on the odds offered by your chosen bookmaker. Fixed cycling betting odds are available with most bookmakers. 

Betting With Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges are becoming increasingly popular. With a betting exchange, you’re not betting against the bookmaker. Instead, you back odds played by a fellow punter. A betting exchange can also allow you to lay your cycling odds. 

There are several betting exchanges available online for players. Betfair is amongst the most well-known, but there are others available too. 

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Main Cycling Betting Markets

Everybody knows the football betting markets, but maybe not all the bettors know the specific betting markets for the cycling. There is a range of cycling betting markets available for Indian customers. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular now.

General Classification

General Classification is arguably the most popular market for cycling bettors. What does this market entail? Essentially, you place a bet on a rider to cross the finishing line of a selected Stage first.

King Of The Mountains

The rider who earns the most points in the climbing or mountain aspect of a particular race also earns the title of King of the Mountains. To be successful with this market, research which riders have proven track records in performing well in the climbing category.

The Green Jersey

The Green Jersey market focuses on the Sprint events in races. Awarded at the end of each Stage, you can place many Green Jersey bets throughout a Tour. 

Best Young Rider

Riders aged 26 or under can challenge for the title of Best Young Rider. The white jersey is awarded to the rider with the best overall record during a particular race or Tour.

Best Cycling Betting Strategies

Picking the right bets when you bet on cycling can be extremely difficult. When it comes to cycling betting, there’s one hugely important factor to remember. There is no such thing as a surefire bet

All fans of sports, and betting on sports, in particular, know that shock results can occur at any time. With cycling being such a gruelling sport, with hundreds of riders in the biggest races, it’s very hard to predict the correct outcome.

How can you improve your chances of success when you bet on cycling? One key aspect is research. Conducting research doesn’t mean you’ll win every bet you place, of course. What research does give you, though, is a better chance of making successful bets.

One aspect of your research should be focused on the riders themselves. Who is in good form? If it’s a sprint, which riders have proven track records? Similarly, with climbing categories, which riders have performed well in the mountains?

Take note of the weather conditions, too. Adverse weather can play a huge part in dictating how a race will be run. 

Another aspect of your research should be centred on cycling betting tips. Now, we don’t recommend you place bets on the say-so of others, but the best cycling tips can offer much more than that.

Find cycling betting tips that explain the prediction provided. This will help you understand how experienced punters approach their cycling betting. It’s also worth taking note of whether these cycling betting tips come in.

Cycling betting stats can also be useful. Many bookmakers offer a statistics service for cycling. Use this information to help guide you into picking markets wisely.

Variables Provide Value

We touched upon this briefly earlier, but it’s a point worth reiterating. Take into consideration every aspect that can affect the way a race is run. This can include weather conditions, bike failures, injuries and accidents. Cycling odds can fluctuate throughout a Stage.

You can find plenty of value during a race. It’s important, though, that you pay close attention to all riders taking part, not just the leading pack.

In-Play Cycling Betting

Live cycling betting can offer punters plenty of value. In such a fast-paced sport, riders can overtake each other quickly. The standings table, therefore, is ever-changing. 

Find The Best Odds

This might sound like an obvious point, but you’ll be surprised by the number of bettors who don’t bother to find better odds. Many bettors just accept the odds offered by their particular bookmaker, without researching what’s available elsewhere.

If you consistently take the shorter odds, you’ll only lose out on potential profit. Compare the odds available across a range of bookmakers to ensure you’re taking the best price.

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Main Cycling Events To Bet On

We touched upon the different cycling events that are open to betting on. Let’s take a closer look now. The most popular for the majority of viewers and bettors alike are the Grand Tours. This consists of the three biggest road races: the Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and La Vuelta an Espana

The Tour of Britain has also found a huge array of fans in recent years. This is, in part, due to the success British riders have earned in the major road cycling races. Most betting sites will offer some form of cycling betting on the Tour of Britain.

Then we come to the ever-popular summer Olympics, where cycling has been a staple part of the modern games since its inception in 1896.

Let’s take a closer look at these events, starting with the Grand Tours.

Giro d’Italia

The Giro d’Italia provides plenty of betting opportunities. This Tour features 21 separate stages, taking place across 23 days. 

To bet on this event successfully, it’s a good idea to look at cycling betting tips. These will help you pick the right bets for this frenetic race. Cycling betting tips are a good way to learn how experienced bettors approach their cycling betting.

When does the Giro d’Italia take place? The annual event traditionally begins in May. The actual route can change from year to year. When you bet on cycling, and in particular the Giro d’Italia, study the route and when each Stage is due to take place.

There is usually a minimum of two-time trial stages in this race. Which racers are likely to do well in the time trials? Who is more suited to the Mountains stages?

When you bet on cycling, no matter which event, it’s a good idea to study previous winners. Below, we’ve listed the last five winners of this prestigious event.

YearGeneral ClassificationPoints ClassificationMountains ClassificationYoung Rider Classification
2019Richard CarapazPascal AckermannGuilio CicconeMiguel Angel Lopez
2018Chris FroomeElia VivianiChris FroomeMiguel Angel Lopez
2017Tom DumoulinFernando GaviriaMikel LandaBob Jungels
2016Vincenzo NibaliGiacomo NizzoloMikel NieveBob Jungels
2015Alberto ContadorGiacomo NizzoloGiovanni ViscontiFabio Aru

Giro d’Italia

Tour De France

The Tour de France is arguably the most famous of the Grand Tours. Also featuring 21 stages, the Tour de France has a total distance of almost 3,000 miles.

This event is said to be the most difficult of all Grand Tours. Cycling betting tips could help you assess the teams and riders taking part. Take note of which teams and riders have proven success in each classification.

The most popular market for this Tour when you bet on cycling is the General Classification Winner market. The table below displays the last five winners of the Tour de France. Look at how many Stage wins each overall winner achieved. 

YearWinnerStage Wins
2019Egan Bernal (also won Young Rider Classification0
2018Geraint Thomas2
2017Chris Froome0
2016Chris Froome2
2015Chris Froome (also won the Mountains Classification)1

cycling betting strategies

La Vuelta an Espana

The third Grand Tour is La Vuelta an Espana. Some bookmakers in India will offer odds on this Tour, with promotions and bonus opportunities available often.

Along with odds and markets, you’re also able to take advantage of cycling tips for La Vuelta an Espana. Taking place during August and September, there are some fantastic cycling betting opportunities here.

As with Giro d’Italia and Tour de France events, the most common betting market is General Classification. You also, though, have the opportunity to bet on Mountains Classification, Points Classification, Team Classification and Combined Classification markets.

There has never been a successive winner of Vuelta an Espana General Classification since 2005. This was the year Roberto Heras won his third consecutive title. However, in four of the last five years, the General Classification Winner also win at least one other Classification event.

Take a look at the table below for all Classification winners of the last five years.

YearOverall WinnerPoints WinnerMountains WinnerCombination Winner
2018Simon YatesAlejandro ValverdeThomas De GendtSimon Yates
2017Chris FroomeChris FroomeDavide VillellaChris Froome
2016Nairo QuintanaFabio FellineOmar FraileNairo Quintana
2015Fabio AruAlejandro ValverdeOmar FraileJoaquim Rodriguez
2014Alberto ContadorJohn DegenkolbLuis Leon SanchezAlberto Contador

Tour Of Britain

The Tour of Britain is the biggest cycling event on UK soil. It might not get the recognition worldwide as the Grand Tours do, but it’s folly to disregard this event, particularly from a betting point of view.

The Tour of Britain makes up part of the UCI Europe Tour. Some of the world’s best riders compete in this event, which takes place each September.

Take a look at the last five winners of the Tour of Britain.

2018Julian AlaphillipeWout PoelsPrimoz Roglic
2017Lars BoomEdvald Boasson HagenStefan Kung
2016Steve CummingsRohan DennisTom Dumoulin
2015Edvald Boasson HagenWout PoelsOwain Doull
2014Dylan van BaarleMichal KwiatkowskiBradley Wiggins

UCI world championships

The UCI Road World Championships are the annual bicycle world championships road racing. Organized by the Union Cycliste Internationale, the UCI consist of events for road race and individual time trial. The competition has different categories, and the winner of each is entitled to wear the rainbow jersey

Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics offer different forms of cycling betting. Mainly focused on indoor events, track racing requires bettors to consider other aspects.

Cycling is one of the most popular events to watch, as well as bet on, in the Summer Olympics. There are a variety of cycling events. The list includes track cycling, road cycling, BMX events and mountain cycling.

Betting on individual riders is extremely popular. You can also bet on specific countries to win events, or to come out on top of the medals table. 

The table below shows the most successful countries in cycling events in Summer Olympics history.

CountryTotal Gold MedalsTotal Medals
Great Britain3287

One of the most important aspects, when you bet on cycling, is to find an operator who caters to your needs. We’ll discuss what we look for in a cycling bookmaker shortly. First of all, we’ve displayed our top cycling bookies in the table below.

How we picked the best cycling betting sites?

With h a huge range of bookmakers available to Indian customers, it can be hard to decide which would suit your betting needs. What should you look for? It’s easy to be tempted by attractive welcome offers, but if a bookie doesn’t offer the odds and markets you want, there’s little point in creating an account.

We’ve provided a list below of the most important aspects to look for in a cycling betting site. Make sure any operator you create an account with focuses on these aspects in particular.

  • Betting Offers
  • Odds
  • Betting Markets
  • In-Play Betting
  • Live Streaming

Bet on cycling guide overview

Above you have learned everything you needed to know about the “bet on cycling” in 2022. You can check an overview of the main subjects bellow.

bet on cycling guide

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